Tomorrow 13.02.2016 will not be open the lift on Chleb. We found some technical problem. We will work on it from early morning hours.
There is possibility that it will be corrected during a day. We will inform you as soon as possible. We are very sorry. Thank you for your comprehension.
  • Valentine's in Vrátna early Sunday, 14.02.2016!
  • Valentine's disco at Hotel Boboty 20:00 on Sunday 13.02.2016.
Snímok z 13.02.2016
5/5 In service
60 cm-3°C 08:30 - 15:30
vlek H130 SlovanIn service
4-sedacka PasekyIn service
vlek P skrytýIn service
vlek LeitnerIn service
nábehový pás Kids ZoneIn service
Snímok z 13.02.2016
Poludňový grúň
4/4 In service
50 cm-3°C 08:30 - 15:15
vlek F10In service
vlek F10In service
vlek P približovacíIn service
vlek P prepojovacíIn service
Snímok z 13.02.2016
1/3 In service
60 cm-3°C 09:00 - 15:30
8-kabínka ChlebIn service
kotva DoppelmayrOut of service
vlek P SnilovskéOut of service
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14. február 2016
Valentin's party
This Sunday 14th of February will be day with lot of fun, lot of love and also we will organize some competition for a couples. The reason of this event is very simple. It is Valentin's day. We prepared for you this ev...
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06. február 2016
Snow skates Sled dogs first time on Slovakia!
The best riders on snow skates came to Slovakia. It was first time when this attraction was in Slovakia! We offered a few photos yesterday. It is good to say something about it. That is the reason why we offer you more...
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